Your Biggest Energy Drains and How To Fix Them

As a home breathes, it has air and heat that pass in through the windows and doors and out through other openings. The AC unit takes that air in and changes its temperature and expels it out through the ducts and vents. This is the source of some real energy transfer, and several factors can cause this to either be a loss or again. Here are some of your biggest energy losses and how to fix them.

Your Unit Is Old

Without going into too much detail and what all the signs are, the easiest way to know if your AC is too old is simply to know how old it is. If your AC unit is 10 or more years old then it is probably time to replace it. The great thing about replacing your unit is even though it can have some initial cost, the newest units tend to pay for themselves. With the increased energy efficiency of the modern AC systems, energy savings are almost immediate.

Your Unit Is Dirty

Did you know that 1/16th layer of dust on the blower can result in a 20% loss efficiency? Also, if your outdoor unit has caked on leaves and dirt on the coils, it reduces the heat exchange. This means that the system will need to transfer the heat of your home to the outdoors through all those leaves and dirt. To solve this is so simple. Simply grab your water hose and clean the unit.

Your Home Is Not Sealed And Insulated

If your home has too many ways for the air to escape, then any AC cooling you do will be lost to the outdoors. Make sure that you have proper weather stripping on all doors and that your ductwork does not leak. Installing double paned windows will help as well.

If you need help with any of these or would like to talk to a professional about your AC and energy-saving potentials, call Acme AC.