Breath Deep and Count to Ten: Get Started With Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your baby’s nose is always runny. You never seem to shake the cold you caught last week. When one person in the family gets the flu, you all get the flu. If you had a fish and you never cleaned or maintained the water in its tank, the fish might be fine, but it would definitely not be as healthy as it could be. We tend to take care of things like that because we can easily see the green coating on the inside of the tank.

Now take a step back and breathe deeply. As you count to ten, ask yourself where the air currently in your lungs has been. Maybe it was recently exhaled by your nine-year-old daughter who has been coughing all day. Maybe it was swept in as your spouse came home, bringing with them their beautiful face and millions of invisible pollen.

Maybe you have a lingering smell. Your son likes to eat tuna a lot or you have a baby and it seems that baby smell just won’t dissipate. Air fresheners and candles only mask the smell not remove it.

For some, indoor air quality can have a dramatic impact on respiratory and physical health. We have been thinking of air quality for a while and have found Global Plasma Solution products to be some of the most effective systems for upgrading your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality can be improved by removing:

1. Viruses
2. Bacteria
3. Mold
4. Allergies
5. Dust
6. Odors
7. Volatile Organic Compounds
8. Reducing Static Electricity
9. Reducing Smoke

The GPS-2400 is a carbon fiber brush, needlepoint, bi-polar ionization generator rated up to 2,400 CFM or 6 tons nominal capacity. The GPS-2400 is designed for internal air handler mounting. The GPS-2400 housing is made from formed UL 94VO ABS plastic and includes ion output indication and an integral mounting tab for easy installation to the air handler wall or fan shroud.

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