Do it Yourself. Get Your AC System Ready for Summer

Smart Thermostats Mean Smarter Air Control

By installing a smart thermostat you gain the ability to schedule your AC temperature. Let the house be a little hotter when you are not there. Have it cool down your house after sunset. With a smart thermostat you can control your AC from anywhere you have internet access.

Your AC Unit Needs Some TLC

Next time you are outside doing yard work take a quick look at your AC unit. Remove any vegetation or leaves that might be on or around the system. Clean the outside of it so there is clear air flow into the unit. Your AC system will not only run more efficient but have a longer life span.

Weather Stripping, Make it Airtight

Small cracks, gaps in doors and windows that don’t shut as tight as you would like all lead to lost AC. Go through your home look for these gaps and fill them in with caulk and weather stripping.

Leaky Ducts Means a Leaky Wallet

Ducts are the unseen circulatory system of your AC system. If it is not in good health then it leads to a lot of wasted money but at least your attic will be comfortable. A few signs you might have a leaky duct are:

  • Rooms that stay hot in the summer.
  • Rooms that stay cold in the winter.
  • Inconsistent temperature from room to room.
  • When you look at the ducts are they broken or twisted?
  • If your vents whistle them you might have duct problems.

If you are wanting help with any of this or if you find that your ducts are damaged. Call Acme AC and we will get everything ready for summer.