Don’t Sweat The Summer

We know it is cold outside. Your heater is on and keeping you cozy while your AC sits unused, waiting for the summer. There is another season other than summer and winter you need to know about and it’s called rebate season. Rebate season is when rebates become available from manufacturers. They allow homeowners who are thinking about replacing their AC system get financial help to do so.

Many homeowners do not take advantage of these. Instead, they wait until their AC breaks before seeking quotes and repairs. But, the best time to replace your AC system is during rebate season. While the wind is still frosty.

What usually happens is rebate season comes and goes. Then the summer months hit. The temperature rises and humidity goes through the roof. These factors put a strain on your AC system. If it is an older system then it can mean the end for it. This will leave you hot, and without any rebates to help purchase a new unit; don’t make this mistake.

Right now Acme AC has a rebate for all SWEPCO customer up to $2000.00 and an American standard rebate for up to $1000.00 or 0% APR for sixty months. That is a possible $3000.00 worth of savings. Take advantage of them now instead of when your AC breaks down and the oppressive summer heat takes up residence in your home.

Call us today and set an appointment for a quote. We can help you choose the right unit for your house and help you get the maximum savings.