Should I Keep the Old Duct Work With My New System

Purchasing and installing a new residential HVAC unit can be an expensive project. Cutting costs or applying rebates tends to bring some relief to the project, but what if the entire project is not being done?

When you replace your AC Unit, you remove the old one – both indoor and out, and install the new one; simple as that. However, there is a whole circulatory system (often in your attic) known as the ducts. The ducts carry the cooled air from your unit to the different vents in the house.

Everyone talks about your AC unit and when to replace it, but few talk about the ductwork that goes along side your AC unit. Depending upon the age of your house, your AC unit could be replaced several times before the ductwork is even inspected.

The Best Time

The best time to replace your duct work is when you are replacing your AC unit. All contractors can easily retro fit your AC unit to your duct work. However, when you replace the whole thing you you don’t handicap your new system with old duct work.

Mismatched systems can be very inefficient. Your new AC unit could be 15%-20% more efficient than your existing system but with new duct work it could be an additional 10% on top of that. This would have a significant effect on your heating and cooling bills.

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