A Primer On Multi-Zone Heating and Cooling

Have you ever been in the car of a cold-natured person? Or maybe you have been nearly frozen solid by your hot-natured driver. We’ve all experienced this. That’s why car manufacturers came up with zone heating and cooling. Each passenger has their own thermostat which can be set to their preferred temperature. Have you ever wondered why we can’t do that in our homes?

Imagine having a thermostat in every room and being able to control the temperature of that room. That way your cold-natured daughter could have her room heat up a little while you and your spouse rest cool at night.

Well, dream no longer, because multi-zone heating and cooling is here and it’s awesome.

What is multi-zone heating and cooling?

When you have multi-zone heating and cooling installed, your home gets divided into zones. Each zone has its own thermostat and can be set independently of each other. There are two ways of achieving this. Either there are multiple smaller AC units, one for each zone, or there are electronic baffles in the ductwork that open and close to control airflow from one AC unit.

The positives

Multi-zone heating and cooling has some very positive benefits. First, it’s energy efficient. Couple multi-zone heating and cooling with smart thermostats and you can set up heating and cooling schedules that maximize your energy consumption. It also enhances your comfort. Now you and your spouse can sleep a little warmer, while your son and daughter can have separate temperatures for their rooms.

The negatives

It is important when considering any system to know some of the downsides. Multi-zone systems are more complex. There is more equipment and that means more opportunity to break. It can also make troubleshooting the system a little more complicated. However, most homeowners that opt for a multi-zone report that it pays for itself in the energy savings and the maintenance and complexity is negligible.

If you are interested in multi-zone heating and cooling, please contact our professional technicians at Acme AC.