Smart Air Filters – What You Need To Know

You have plenty to do and remember between soccer games and home maintenance.  Being able to scratch one more thing off your list is always welcome. Recently, one of our suppliers developed a new innovation to an everyday product, the air filter.

The new Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters by 3M uses a Bluetooth sensor and your smartphone to let you know when it is optimal to change your air filter. The sensor measures the pressure caused by the air being drawn through the air filter. When the air filter is new and the filter is first installed, you pair the filter with the app. The yellow disc on the filter then monitors every time the system is turned on, even giving you a usage measurement from 0% to 100% usage of your filter. When the air pressure rises above tolerances, the device alerts your phone next time you are in range.

This takes the burden off of your mind when you walk by the intake for your unit. That nagging thought of “Do I need to change it?”, can finally have a definitive answer. Yes, you need to change your air filter. Your AC system is suffocating.

Changing your air filter is probably the easiest maintenance you can do on your own system. It is also the one thing that gives you the most impact.

If you are in need of repairs to your system or want to make sure you are not caught in a very costly AC or furnace breakdown, contact us at Acme AC. We have 24 hour support, and we provide effective maintenance schedules.